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Thinking of hiring a videographer or film producer to help you sell that piece of property?  Looking to film a special event from above?  Is your company looking to source a drone photography service to assist with a construction project or obtain status on live agricultural activity?

One thing you must know as you shop around is that your provider must have a special designation from the FAA to perform these services.      In order to obtain this designation, your provider must also, in addition to be certified for operation for hire, also be a licensed pilot of a full sized, passenger carrying aircraft.     If your provider is not a licensed airplane or helicopter pilot, then he or she is operating their business illegally and is not able to take any form of payment from you.

These regulations are put in place for your safety and protection.   Don't have your project delayed, cancelled, or worse, be a victim of any fraudulent drone operator who isn't registered, and licensed.    We strive to offer the most affordable packages in Southern California.    With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our success is strictly based on your satisfaction.

Despite all the media attention “drones”....or quadcopters… are getting as of late, Envision Enmotion takes privacy concerns very seriously.  We only operate under Federal Aviation Regulations and will not undertake any projects we deem are unsafe for anyone involved, or if we think any reasonable privacy concerns will be compromised. 

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